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2007 Chateau Carbonnieux Blanc Pessac-Leognan

September 19, 2012 2 comments

I had this wine several times in the past couple of years and I loved it from the beginning. There are signs of evolution on the 2007, at least from the color perspective compared to one year ago, but otherwise the wine continues to be really good. There was no planning to open this bottle, especially not on a MON evening but, as I bought some fresh fish from a person that brings it straight from Greece, I had to pair the prime quality fish with a good wine. It’s a pity to serve good food with mediocre wines.

The fish selected for dinner was a wild Dorado (about 1 kilo) slowly cooked in the oven for about 1 h. I just used some slices of lemon, olive oil and salt as this type of fish doesn’t require anything else for preparation. It is very tasty on its own. I did add some cherry tomatoes spiced up with thyme towards the end of cooking just to have some side dish: the fish is rather sweet while the baked cherry tomatoes make a good contrast being juicy and bringing a higher acidity to the dish. For two persons it was more than enough. With the wine it was a bliss.

2007 Chateau Carbonnieux Blanc Pessac-Leognan

Color is yellow gold, a bit darker than one year ago. The nose is really intense and exuberant, very exotic, combining tropical fruits, peaches, tangerines and oranges, with a nice touch of smoke and vanilla. Full bodied, lively, rich on the palate, maintaining the same exuberance it shows on the nose, with a long spicy tropical fruit and fresh finish. The mix of tropical fruits and smoke is fantastic, and the wine is so fresh in the mouth. I love this Blanc from Chateau Carbonnieux, and from what I tasted so far (2007 and 2008) the quality is consistent. Depending how you like your whites (younger or with some more age), at 5 years old this wine drinks very well. (91-92/100)

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