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Davino 2011 the newly launched red wines


Last week together with the participants to our event we had the chance to taste the new red wines launched by Davino from the 2011 harvest. I am going to point just a few things and not complete tasting notes as, between pouring in the glasses and talking to people, there was not much time left to actually sit down and take proper tasting notes.

We were 23 people all together and it was nice to see how many people decided to join our event. The white wines polarized the impressions: some people appreciated the Domaine Ceptura Blanc 2013 as the best white wine served – others preferred Davino Reserva Alb 2011. For me Reserva Alb 2011 seems to lose its vibrant acidity and the wine starts to feel a bit too heavy and dull.

Sauvignon Blanc Edition Limitee 2013 does not appeal in same manner as previous vintages and it is the producer’s intention to take a new direction for this wine. Less battonage and more New World style. 2014 will follow in the same line.

The reds are a different story. Iacob red 2012 and Iacob Feteasca Neagra 2011 are great deals in their price range and they sell well also abroad.

The new Davino red range from 2011 seems to be some of the best reds made by Davino. Purpura Valahica Feteasca Neagra 2011 has enough concentration and ripe fruit to balance the 14.9% alc with a spicy (basil and cinnamon) chocolaty finish.

Domaine Ceptura Rouge 2011 and Flamboyant 2011 are the best wines made by Davino so far. Both wines were matured for 9 months in Romanian oak barrels, and starting with 2012 the aging process will increase to 12 months. Domaine Ceptura Rouge 2011 has lush and decadent aromas of ripe red fruits and spices, tannins are powerful but polished and, in spite of its youthfulness, this wine drinks extremely well already. It is probably the first DCR newly launched that drinks so well after a proper aeration and still has potential for development. Flamboyant 2011 has a more discreet nose than DCR, but the level of concentration on the palate is deeper and more profound, with very powerful tannins that require time to rest in the bottle, really nice and promises an interesting development.

When the new wines are so much better than the old vintages it comes the question: what should we buy for storing ?

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