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Le Web Journal du Champagne Number 5

Le Web Journal du Champagne celebrates one year since its inception and continues to bring a lot of interesting and useful information for all Champagne lovers, but also for people that want to discover the wines from Champagne.

This new edition (number 5) contains articles about:

– the still wines from Champagne (surprised that there are not only sparkling wines produced in this region ? );

– info about a Champagne fair that took place on April 15-17 2012 in Epernay and Avize;

– profiles of two producers (Champagne de Sousa and Champagne Henri Giraud*) with tasting notes for some of their wines;

– more tasting notes on different still and sparkling wines;

– how to match Champagne and sushi;

All this information is available here:


Enjoy reading it !

*Champagne Henri Giraud – this is an absolutely lovely and rich Champagne that I enjoyed a few weeks ago.
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