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2011 Primobacio Moscato d’Asti

I absolutely love Moscato d’Asti as its low alcohol (usually around 5%), its sweetness usually perfectly balanced by vivid acidity and its sparkling character makes it extremely versatile and very easy to drink especially during hot summer days. It can successfully pair ripe fruits and a large variety of not very sweet desserts, but can also be enjoyed simply on its own.

2011 Primobacio Moscato d’Asti

Pale yellow color, with a green-tinge and plenty of fizz upon opening. Very intense and sweet nose, with plenty aromas of white flowers, the classic Muscat character of ripe grapes, pear and peach. Fizzy and lively on the palate, very refreshing, with balanced sweetness and good freshness on the sweet finish. It is very hard not to enjoy this type of wine. 5% alc (90/100)

I also like the label that I find it perfectly characterizing the style of wine: refreshing, enjoyable, reminding of summer days and designed to offer pure, unsophisticated drinking pleasure.

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