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2011 Solo Quinta Recas

Solo Quinta is Recas winery’s flagship white wine and since its first edition it prove to be a blockbuster wine when it comes to sales, the stock being depleted many months before the new vintage is released. Usually a blend of four white grapes: Chardonnay, Muscat, Feteasca Regala and Sauvignon Blanc, blended with the juice of a fifth red grape that is vinified in white. The red grape varies every year. For the 2011 edition Recas chose the Syrah/Shiraz grape. Also the 2011 has a big portion of Chardonnay: as far as I understood almost 80% of the blend. Nor the final blend, nor the juice from the separate grape varieties see oak treatment. The aim is freshness and purity of the fruit.

2011 Solo Quinta Recas

Pale yellow lemon color. As much as this version has a dominant Chardonnay component, the wine preserves its very sweet, candied like aromas similar to its previous versions. Yellow flowers, Muscat aromas, peach, melon and plenty of other sweet yellow fruits make the nose. Full bodied, the wine compensates all those ultra-sweet aromas with a bright acidity, a lively palate and very good freshness. Medium and fresh finish. As much as I find the nose ultra-sweet and going too much on the candy like profile, it is hard not to enjoy this wine. (88-89/100)

*the picture is courtesy of Fabiola Cazan and Cazan cu vin

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