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2009 Didier Dageneau Pouilly-Fume Silex

I had this wine at Lavinia’s wine bar in Geneva. Didier Dageneau is by far the most notable producer of Sauvignon Blanc in Pouilly-Fume. Sadly he died in an airplane accident in 2008, but his legacy is successfully continued by his family. I thought that this was the top cuvee, but it happened that today I learned about the existence of another of this producer’s wine called Asteroide that sells for over 500 Eur a bottle. I do not recall the price tag per bottle for the Silex I had, but it was 10 CHF by the glass.

2009 Didier Dageneau Pouilly-Fume Silex

Pale yellow straw color. The nose is well developed and breathes minerality at an exponential intensity. It is by far the most mineral nose that I experienced in a white wine – hell, in any wine. There are liquefied aromas of grapefruit, wet stone, flint (it is easy to see where the name of this wine comes from), lime, green apple, grass and more minerals that just grow bigger with air. Full bodied, dense but somehow incredibly weightless, crisp, rich palate, with very good balanced acidity, ample fruit and again minerals. Lengthy finish, vibrant, with mouth-watering acidity and flavors going on at a large scale. A very unusual wine for me and probably a unique experience for anyone that has not encountered this wine before. (92/100)

pictured is Didier Dageneau

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