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2007 La Porte du Ciel Chateau de la Negly

I got this wine during my trip to Bordeaux in June 2011. During that trip, I was able to schedule a meeting with one of the key figures in the International wine business: Mr Jeffrey Davies. Together with the winemaker of Chateau de la Negly (La Porte du Ciel is Negly’s top wine) – Claude Gross, Mr Davies makes a special cuvee called: Clos de Truffieres from extremely low yields of Syrah. Both La Porte du Ciel and Clos des Truffieres are 100% Syrah cuvee’s, but coming from totally different micro-climates.

Mr Davies is a complete encyclopedia about wines, new rising star wineries and more important he is actively looking to discover and develop new ventures in the most interesting wine regions in France. Together with Claude Gross, they are behind the new rising star of Languedoc in Terrasses du Larzac: La Peira.

I met Mr Davies at his residence in Bordeaux in June. I have to confess that even for a wine geek like myself it is difficult to grasp all the flux of information about what’s the scoop in Bordeaux that this gentleman kindly provided. After leaving his place I was somehow feeling that I read a whole book on wine in just a short period of time.

Coming back to the wine I had yesterday, the wine comes from yields of 10 to 12 hl/ha, under-goes a long 60 days maceration and it is aged for 24 months in new French oak barrels. The wine is bottled unfiltered.

2007 was an amazing vintage in the Southern part of France, producing wines with very ripe tannins and really approachable while still young, but also high alcohol levels. The 2007 La Porte du Ciel sports 15% alcohol.

2007 La Porte du Ciel Chateau de la Negly La Clape Languedoc

Opaque, purple, almost black color. The nose is well developed, with very intense aromas and springs an incredible depth. You can easily feel the aromas invading the room without even approaching the glass. There are strong aromas of smoked plum, bacon, meat, blackberry liquor and creme de cassis, cocoa, truffles and balsamic notes, while the nose continues to open up and develop more complexities. This full bodied wine starts with a sweet initial attack in the mouth, and has ripe and healthy tannins, just as we like them, a velvety mouth-feel, with very thick layers on the palate. The wine seems slightly off-balanced initially, with the alcohol marking its presence in the mouth on the first sip, but with aeration this sensation fades away and leaves space for the complex flavors to show off on the palate. As much as the wine is rich and super concentrated, it manages to stay well balanced after enough aeration. The finish is very long and surprisingly fresh, with assertive tannins and tones of roasted coffee,cocoa and balsamic reduction that simply linger in the mouth good seconds after you swallow the wine. (93/100)

This wine needs bottle aging and compared to the 2002 La Porte du Ciel I had one year ago, I have to say that I prefer the 2002 more at this stage. The flavors seems better integrated and more balanced in the 2002.

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