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A few wines from the weekend

On SUN I had lunch with some friends and opened a few interesting wines to pair with the grilled food we prepared. I knew most of the wines, but I was really looking forward to try the vintage Champagne.

There is a sad story about this particular bottle of Champagne. I bought it when I spent a weekend in Champagne and I visited Epernay and Reims in April this year, brought it back to Romania and had it in my cellar ever since. I had a prior experience tasting the 2000 vintage of the same cuvee during a wine-dinner organized with Oliver and Raluca Bauer, so I was really curios to try the 2004 (a good vintage in Champagne). Coming back to the story, the situation went like this: I took the 2004 from the cellar and put it in the fridge just 2-3 hours prior to lunch. Unfortunately the time was too short and the temperature of the wine didn’t reach a proper level of coldness, so when uncorked, almost 3/4 of the bottle popped out violently. What was left was just enough to wet the glasses for the few people waiting to drink a glass of Champagne. Anyway there was still enough to get an idea about the quality of the wine.

2004 Demiere Ansiot Blanc de Blancs Brut a Oger-Marne

100% Chardonnay from the terroir of Oger-Marne. Pale lemon color with smooth bubbles. Intense nose of dough, toast, butter and roasted hazelnuts. Creamy, showing great tension and focus on the palate, with green apple like acidity, rich mouth-feel, plenty of citric fruit mixed with wet rocks, and a fresh medium long finish. Really nice bottle of Champagne. (90/100)

2007 Chateau Carbonnieux Blanc Pessac-Leognan

Last time I tasted this wine was in April this year and I had it with lobster: great pairing. Blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Deep yellow lemon color. Fresh and intense nose, with rich aromas of exotic fruits: pineapple, mango, tangerine mixed with spices and flowers. Medium bodied, with lively acidity and a rich palate, with good purity of exotic fruits and yellow Asian spices. Long and fresh finish with citrus fruit and floral aromas in the aftertaste. A lovely wine. (91-92/100)

2005 Braida Bricco della Bigotta

I bought this wine directly from the winery during my visit to Braida in September. It was the wine I enjoyed the most from the line up organized by Raffaella Bologna during the lunch we had together.

Deep dark red color. Initially shy, with aeration the nose started to open up considerably. Well developed, very intense aromas started to come out of the glass, with truffles, earth, tobacco and plenty of fresh red and blue fruits. Medium to full bodied, well structured and balanced, there is depth and richness on the palate, with flavors of mocha, fresh red  and black forest fruits, truffles and a touch of earthiness. Long finish with good freshness to balance the 14.5% alc. Great wine. (91/100)

2004 Chateau Sociando-Mallet Haut-Medoc

My last experience with this wine was more than 1 year ago and I remember liking it a lot. Blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc. The 12.5% alcohol is a rarity nowadays.

Deep dark red color and very youthful. A well developed nose, already open for business, with undeniable Bordeaux character, and aromas of ink, coffee, graphite, red currant and tobacco. Medium bodied, with assertive tannins on the palate, fleshy, oaky, but approachable and offering good drinking pleasure. The flavors of coffee, ink, aromatic black tea, red and black currant steal the palate. Medium plus finish with good grip. Drinking pleasure is assured by this affordable Bordeaux. (90-91/100)

We also sampled some 2001 Soare Cabernet Sauvignon from a Magnum that I still had in the fridge and judging by the reaction of people I can say they did fancy the wine.

With dessert I offered a glass of Feteasca Regala Genius Loci 2007 from Stirbey and to my surprised guests, the wine was a perfect match for a home cooked tart with quince puree. The richness and creaminess of Feteasca Regala GL 2007 aged for 22 months in oak is holding the ground nicely in front of the sweetness of the quince puree.

Good food, good wines and good atmosphere. What else can you ask for ?

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