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Terra Romana Milenium white 2010 and some other wines

As we are slowly approaching the Good wine fair, this week was above average in terms of wine consumption for me. Whether it is a coincidence or not, I do not know. I only know that the right circumstances occurred. For some wines I failed to put down complete tasting notes, but here they are anyway. I started on MON with a wine from Tenerife, Spain that I purchased a few years ago and a 2006 Italian Chianti Classico.

2007 Pagos Reveron Tinto Joven

This was a very mediocre wine. I did not like it at all and forced myself to have several sips eagerly trying to find some positive things about it. Unfortunately I could not. The wine went down the drain. It is a real pity as I actually bought this wine directly from the property when I was there.

I opened the next bottle of wine, received as a gift, hoping for a more pleasant experience this time.

2006 Risalto Chianti Montalbano Sensi

Even though it is only from 2006 this wine has an evolved color and appears oxidized. The nose is dominated by stinky barnyard aromas with light red fruit. The wine is medium body with a high acidity, that gives a surprising good lightness but not lack of flavors, with simple red fruit, earthy flavors and a medium finish. Not a blockbuster but not bad either. 81 points

On TUE, on March 8th, to celebrate Woman’s day, I had dinner with family in a more extended version at home and had two wines. A white received from Serve and a red Bordeaux.

2010 Terra Romana Milenium white

I received this wine this week, via courier, as a free sample sent by winery together with their new 2010 Terra Romana Sauvignon Blanc. In the package there was also a letter containing technical specifications about the wines. I have to compliment them for adding technical specifications as I find it very useful and good to know. Here is the technical information:

– blend of Sauvignon blanc, Riesling and a drop of Chardonnay

– 12.8% alcohol

– residual sugar 3 gr/L

– acidity: 3.8 gr/L

– the grapes come from newly planted vineyards with yields of 8 tones/ha. 15% of the wine was aged in new oak for 3 months.

Color is light straw with an oily like appearance. The nose is fresh and clean, of medium intensity, balanced, with aromas of yellow flowers, melon, lemon, pear and a touch of minerals. Overall there is good freshness. The taste is medium+ body and an oily like feeling, balanced, good intensity of aromas, fruity and floral – yellow and white flowers, good acidity and a sense of roundness – probably from the oak which is well blended and the drop of Chardonnay. The finish is medium with discreet grapefruit bitterness. I find the nose charmer than the taste, but overall it is a clean and well made wine. I am not sure what is the selling price for this wine. 82 points

2004 Chateau d’Aiguilhe Cotes de Castillon

I already had a bottle of this wine a few weeks ago and you can read full tasting notes here.

Tonight this bottle seemed a bit more evolved than the last one and this was apparent in its color. The wine retains the same aromas and flavors as my last bottle with the sensation of heat still there. However, served chiller than normal and matched with grilled turkey the wine was a real enjoyment. 89-90 points

On WED evening we had dinner with  friends and brought Lebanese food at their place. For appetizer we quickly prepared some finger food with smoked salmon, fresh mint, capers and lemon to go with the bottle of sparkling. As I am still in the mood for bubbles, I brought a bottle of the sparkling I bought recently from Stirbey. Our dinner partners liked the wine and the pairing with salmon.

For Lebanese I brought a 2010 Cono Sur Gewurtztraminer that I think went fairly well. The intense flavors of litchi and rose petals were a fairly good match for the richly aromatic Lebanese food. I think this Gewurtz is a crowd pleaser as everybody like it and they all asked me where can they find some.

It is nice to surprise people with good wine. Usually this is how all passions start: with a spark.

Thanks for reading!

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