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A few wines from the weekend

Last weekend was only about Romanian wine and to my surprise, now reviewing the tasting notes I took, all wines were from Stirbey. Ain’t that something ? Looking back, the reason why it was only Stirbey, is the fact that I liked these wines at the Vinul.ro’s fair last week and I wanted to try some of them again quietly, at home.

On SAT, after a rush for some mandatory gift buying for my wife’s birthday, we arrived at home at noon, exhausted, with an unsuccessful shopping result and completely starving. So we did some home cooking with fish and St Jacques we still had in the freezer. The menu was simple, it took only 20 minutes to prepare, but the result was excellent. Two types of grilled fish, butter roasted St Jacques, asparagus and freshly home made Mayo. I have to give credit to Andreea for the home made Mayo as it was entirely her work. Such an easy to prepare and tasty dish.

fish combo

I opened a Sauvignon Blanc Vitis Vetus 2008 from Stirbey that I received as a free sample from the winery. The wine complimented the dish nicely and happily balanced the fat of the Mayo.

2008 Stirbey Sauvignon Blanc Vitis Vetus

Color is pale yellow lemon. The nose is clean and reductive, round and balanced, with green apple, lemon, passion fruit flower, good minerality-wet rocks and some spice. Taste is medium body with good structure and concentration, balancing acidity, very straightforward with pleasant minerality-wet rocks and intense pure lemon-green apple flavors. Finish is medium with a good mineral citric aftertaste. 86-87 points

On SUN was my wife’s birthday and we started lunch by having a light appetizer at home together with a sparkling also from Stirbey that I purchased recently. For appetizer we had some finger food made from small French toast, smoked salmon, thinly cut lemon, fresh mint leaves, capers and butter. Together with the sparkling, this was one of the best pairings I had so far.

The sparkling from Stirbey is bone dry, fresh and mineral, with rich and smooth bubbles, aromas of citric fruits, chalk and dough, very pleasant mouth-feel, the acidity is not aggressive at all, the finish is medium and mineral. Such a lovely wine that you could easily drink a couple of bottles with food.

However be aware: if you are not a fan of extra brut sparkling, this wine may not be for you. Between four people this bottle was finished in about 15 minutes. Once appetizers and the sparkling were done, we left home and went to a restaurant to have lunch and continue our small party.

We chose La Bonne Bouche, a restaurant with French cuisine located in the Old Center. The location is very nice and gives you a feeling of warmth and coziness. The food is overall good and the dishes have a nice design. We tried the duck breast with sweet potatoes and asparagus, Salmon with vegetables, Pesto sauce and almonds, freshly made pasta with Salmon and a small dessert.

pasta with Salmon

Salmon with vegetables

duck breast

moelleux au chocolat with vanilla icecream

As the sparkling we just had at home was made from Cramposie, I suggested to try the still version of the same grape variety, also from Stirbey, they had on the menu. So our choice was a 2009 Stirbey Cramposie Selectionata. The wine has nice aromatics, a pleasant acidity and my favorite part: the finish. There is a beautiful, clean, fresh flavor of pink grapefruit in the aftertaste. Unfortunately there is not a single bottle left available at the winery, as their entire production of 2009 whites is sold out. I guess we just have to be patient and wait the release of the new 2010s.

After the SAT shopping rush that culminated successfully the same evening with a second trip to the stores, SUN was a relaxing and fun day spent together with the family, with good food and interesting wines.

Thanks for reading!

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