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Wines from 3rd week of January

Last week was fairly rich in drank wines, especially as I did not attend any wine tasting. On THU evening, as I was making a brief inventory of some recently bought bottles in my cellar, I opened another 2006 Las Flors de la Peira. I did so to check if my initial tasting notes are consistent with another bottle tasted by itself. And they are.The first time I had the 2006 Las Flors was in a comparative tasting with a 2007 Chateau Puech Haut Clos du pic, a wine with a similar blend of Syrah-Mourvedre coming from very low yields.

2006 Las Flors de la Peira

The wine has a very dark red almost black color. Very meaty and spicy aromas are building a complex nose with thick layers of black pepper, juicy rare beef steak, big on blackberry and cranberry aromas, plums, a hint of minerality and a touch of heat. The wine is better served at a lower 13-14 Celsius degrees temperature. In the mouth the wine is a bodybuilder, full bodied, very concentrated flavors of meat, black pepper, ripe dark fruits, balsamic vinegar, with silky tannins and a great mouth feel. The finish is long and intense with spicy and meaty blackberry in the aftertaste. A really nice and complex wine. 92+ points

The Las Flors was so good that I ended up drinking the whole bottle by myself and this is a big thing as I usually don’t drink more than 0.375 ml of wine per  meal at home during a regular working day, especially on a wine with a 14.5% alcohol level.

On FRI I paid a visit to Calin at Le manoir and I had the chance to try two wines: a Chateauneuf du pape and a 100% Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley.

2007 Perrin&Fils Chateauneuf du pape – Les Sinards

No photo taken with the bottle.

Red garnet color, the nose shows brett, tobacco, green peppercorn with a sweet earthy mix of red cherry and raspberry. A medium body wine with lively acidity, balanced, with spicy red fruits finishing with a short to medium spicy aftertaste. Not a heavy or too concentrated wine, but a pleasant and accessible style already. Good balance of the 14.5% alcohol. 88+ points

I was expecting more from a 2007 Chateauneuf du pape as the vintage produced some exceptional wines in the appelation and plus the producers of this wine are the owners of Chateau de Beaucastel – a highly sought producer. Still the wine surprised me by how well the alcohol was balanced and how vibrant and not heavy at all it felt.

2007 Frederic Mabileau Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil- Les Rouilleres

no photo taken so I used one from a different vintage found on the Internet.

I heard some good things about the red wines from the Loire Valley, made 100% from Cabernet Franc. Usually the wines are really inexpensive and offer great value for the money.

The wine has a red garnet color. There is a spike of alcohol on the nose(even though the wine has only 12% alcohol, so not a good thing) with a mix of red fruits and a slightly green-herbal aroma. In the mouth the wine has a light body, with a pleasant mouth feel, watery like, with some red fruit flavors but no trace of the heat felt on the nose. The finish is short but really nice with pure flavors of bitter dark chocolate and mint. 78-79 points

On SAT I had lunch with my parents so I brought a bottle from the cellar, this time a 100% Syrah from the Northern Rhone. My father loved this wine. He is the kind of person that he likes it or not, a pretty straight forward guy when it comes to wines.

2006 Thierry Allemand Cornas Chaillot

This wine comes from vines younger than 40 years old. The top wine of this producer, the Reynard cuvee also 100% Syrah, is produced from 40+ years old vines. Both wines spend 18-24 months in French oak.

Color is dark red with purple hues. The nose is complex with smoke, graphite, white pepper, floral aromas mixed with red fruits, almost Bordeaux like.In the mouth the wine is balanced, with a vibrant light to medium body due to a pleasant high acidity mixed with a very interesting minerality. Flavors of smoke, red fruits, plums, floral – lavender and lilies, green peppercorn build a nice complexity with silky tannins. The finish is medium plus long and mineral. Overall a really well balanced wine with nice texture, good depth, great intensity and so drinkable. Also plenty of sediment in the bottle already so it is recommended to decant prior to serving. 92-93 points

This is such a beautiful and elegant wine and I am sure with aging in the bottle the wine will be more interesting and even more complex. I prefer this style more to the 2006 Las Flors.

Later the same day with dinner I opened another bottle that I received as a gift from a friend. Frankly speaking I did not have too much expectations from this wine because 1992 was a poor vintage in Bordeaux and the wine comes from a modest generic producer from Haut Medoc. But it was a pleasant surprise.

1992 Chateau de Villegeorge Grand Cru Exceptionelle Haut Medoc

Red garnet with brick color on the rim. Aromas of smoke, spices and a little bit of earthy cassis make the nose. The wine has a light to medium body but with a pleasant mouth feel, with integrated tannins, no rusty or metallic flavors, finishing with a short spicy but pleasant aftertaste. Going on the downside but yet still accessible and very much alive. 83-84 points for a 19 years old generic Bordeaux.

On SUN my wife and I attended a 5 hours lunch with some good friends at Casa Mediteraneana in Herastrau park. It is a restaurant serving a combination of Turkish-Greek food. The eggplant salad with tahini is really good, the prawns with home made butter and pomegranate sauce are delicious and the barbecue simple but tasty. We tried two of the wines they had on the list. As I have visited Serve last year at the end of November I suggested to start the meal with their 2009 Terra Romana Chardonnay.

2009 Terra Romana Chardonnay

The color is pale yellow lemon . The nose is still dominated by oak with a slightly herbaceous aroma. In the mouth the wine has a light to medium body, lacking concentration and very much watery like, with vanilla and tar lemon flavors. The finish is short and oaky. It was OK as a starter but when the cold appetizers came this wine was no match for any of it due to its thin flavors. My impression is that the wine is too dominated by the oak and not much else is able to shine out. 75 points

As our friends like Davino the next wine ordered was the 2009 Davino Revelatio that went better with the cold appetizers and the buttered prawns.

2009 Davino Revelatio

It is the second time I drink this wine over a month. The wine has a light medium gold color. The nose is fresh, more expressive than the last wine, with aromas of passion fruit, lemon, apple, cut hay and a discreet minerality. In the mouth it feels off dry, with a medium body and yellow flowers and stone fruits flavors. The finish is short to medium with a good freshness. 84-85 points

One of the persons at the table pointed out the 13.9% alcohol level and complained that the wine made an attempt to endanger his sobriety.

Overall it was a good week on wines and socializing with good time spent with friends and family and some very impressive wines tasted – Thierry Allemand Chaillot and Las flors de la Peira both from the same 2006 vintage.

Thanks for reading!

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