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SAT dinner with friends

very interesting creme de cassis

Last SAT evening my wife and I were invited for a very pleasant dinner by our friends Anne and Calin to celebrate their moving into a new home. As Calin is one of the representatives of Le Manoir, the official franchisee for Comtesse du Barry and Fauchon in Romania, the dinner was filled with high quality products from Comtesse du Bary. I am not a consumer of preserved products in a can, but I have to say that what we served were really good. Calin told us a little bit about the way the products are made by Comtesse du Bary as he visited them several times in France and was also invited during those visits to work a few hours in the factory. They do this so their partners can see exactly how the products are made. The preserved foie gras is basically the duck or goose liver only with salt and pepper added, then the can is boiled for some time to destroy any potential bacteria. It is simply the same method our mothers and grandmothers use when they make home made compote for the winter. We sampled foie gras, different duck and goose with green peppercorn terrines, some dark skinned pig from the South of France terrines, Prosseco and Champagne based sauces and red fruits mixed with Madiran wine. Many of this products can very easily be taken as freshly made food. It seems while he was in Romania for shooting the second part of Ghost Rider, Mr. Nicolas Cage was a big fan of the duck products from Comtesse du Bary.

Just to stay on the same line the main course was rare duck breast with dried funghi porcini, baby spinach and arugula salad and a balsamic vinegar reduction. The foie gras went very well with the Pouilly Fume we had. The duck breast was accompanied by a 2004 Chateau le Boscq from Magnum.

rare duck breast

We also tried four different types of fresh French cheese imported weekly by Le Manoir. Unfortunately there wasn’t any more white wine left and we had the cheese only with red Bordeaux. I believe the white would have been a much better pairing for the cheese assortments. Nevertheless the experience was very interesting.

cheese including a 6 months matured- the one with the brown edge

Just to finish the meal Anne was kind and offered us a great creme de cassis made by Mouton Rostchild in a very limited amount (only 1563 bottles made) from a bottle she received as a gift for her birthday a while ago. At only 22% alcohol this is a great drink and way to finish a tasty meal.

Here are my tasting notes for the wines we had this evening. The same tasting notes were added on Cellartracker.com for these two wines.

2004 le Boscq from Magnum

2006 Michel Redde et fils Pouilly Fume Les Champs des Billons

The wine has a clear gold color. The nose is initially tight but as the wine gets warmer in the glass beautiful aromas of honey and wet rocks are dominating with lemon, passion fruit and green apple on the background. Great complexity on the nose. In the mouth this medium to full body wine has great acidity and mouth feel, good concentration with very pleasant mineral flavors accompanied by fresh yellow flowers and fruits. The finish is medium with pure flavors of honey and grapefruit in the aftertaste. A great bone dry Pouilly Fume. Excellent(90 points)

2004 Chateau le Boscq St Estephe

The wine has a red garnet color. The nose is rich with classic St Estephe aromas, the nose of a young wine, spicy with green peppercorn, shows pleasant green vegetables: asparagus and green bell pepper mixed with smoked dark cherry, red currant, plums and a touch of discreet oak. In the mouth this medium body wine is enjoyable, balanced and accessible, with a pleasant mouth feel and acidity and plenty of red fruits and spicy flavors. The finish is medium, with a mix of spices, asparagus and firm tannins in the aftertaste. The wine will benefit from more years of aging.The wine was drank from a Magnum. Very good+ (87 points)

It was a very successful SAT night with plenty of good time and fun.

somebody loves her Liquer de Cassis – who can blame her

Thanks for reading!

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