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Two great wines from Languedoc

I was on a small vacation in Brasov for a few days and also brought some wines from home to make the journey cozier and more entertaining. A glass of good wine drank inside a warm cabin with a nice window view of a mountain covered by snow and a forest of Christmas trees with calm snow falling down the sky made up for a heavenly background and a relaxing atmosphere.

There was also some going out to visit some of the restaurants in Brasov and unfortunately one of them was a fairly big disappointment. I visited Casa Hirscher several times in the past, the place is decorated nice with a green house like covered terrace that is brilliant to use on a cold or rainy day and usually the dishes have a nice appearance. But the food was pretty mediocre this time and both me and my wife had indigestion after we had lunch there. We had a tomato cream soup as a starter, which was all right and I had home made pasta with black tiger shrimps and my companion a dish with two types of fish, mussels and shrimps. The mussels had a bad muddy taste and the sauce in both dishes was so heavy that made us felt sick the entire evening after leaving the restaurant. This is a place I will not visit too soon. Beware if you order fish or seafood here. It is pricey and I do not think the cost is justified.

On a more positive note I tried some wines, recently bought from abroad, that were absolutely outstanding.

Domaine l’Oustal Blanc Naik 7 blanc

Price: 35 eur

The wine is made of the rare Grenache Gris grape and comes from the Languedoc area. The wine is labeled as Vin de table Francais and therefore it cannot specify the vintage on the label. But the producer found a very ingenious way and labels each vintage with the appropriate last digit e.g for 2007 the wine is called Naick 7, for 2006 is Naick 6, 2005 is Naick 5 and so on.

The wine has a deep gold color. The nose is tight initially, but as it opens up thick layers of exotic spices mixed with an oily-petrol aroma, a discreet touch of wet rocks, honey, smoked quince and yellow flowers build very elegant and complex aromas. In the mouth the wine is hyper concentrated, full body, with big exotic spices, ginger, a nice lifting minerality, nice ripe stone fruits and a beautiful acidity. There is a long finish with a good mineral aftertaste that brings freshness and makes the wine vibrant. I looked on the back label only after I finished the wine and saw the 15% alcohol level. I was really surprised about the high alcohol level and how perfect it is integrated because the wine has such a thick texture, is rich in glycerin and yet feels so easy drinking and shows a perfect balance. An absolute stunner and Excellent+ wine.

This wine reminds me of the beautiful Chateau Puech Haut Tete de Belier Blanc 2008 and has similar appealing aromas as the 1997 Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris Clos Windsbuhl I tasted earlier this year.

Domaine l’Oustal Blanc Prima Donna la Liviniere 2007

Price: 45 eur

Blend of Syrah and Grenache Noir. The wine has a dark red with purple hues color. Nose shows light shades of discreet oak with a lactic sweet aroma, red currant, blackberry, dark pepper, fresh strawberries give a nice lift and licorice. In the mouth the wine is full body, with flavors of blackberry, plum, licorice, spicy, very rich in cocoa, coffee bean, with nice acidity, black pepper and dark chocolate beautifully coating the mid palate. Great balance and no sign of heat from the 14.5% alcohol. The finish is long, leaving a rich layer of black pepper and cocoa: I love it. Excellent+ wine. The strength of this wine is the long finish, the intensity and the purity of the flavors in the mouth.

This wine goes so well with a dark chocolate with 65% cocoa, a perfect combo as I just tried it.

Philippe Cambie, a renowned winemaker from Chateauneuf du pape working for Domaine du Pegau and many more famous producers in the area including Chateau Puech Haut in Saint Drezery, Languedoc, is a joint owner of l’Oustal Blanc and also the winemaker. There is amazing quality in these wines. I strongly recommend you to seek and try their wines as you will not be deceived.

Thanks for reading!

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