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Dom Perignon 1999, Pichon Baron 1996 and Vinsanto 2003

great bottles of wine

This year I wanted a different type of food for Christmas. Romanians usually go big on pork for Christmas: plenty of cold sausages, porchetta and different more pork based products as appetizers. Then the “sarmale” which is minced pork meat mixed with rice, spices and wrapped in cabbage layers then boiled for hours. Then come the fried sausages and different types of pork steak: baked with sauce, grilled or many other variations on this line. I personally reduced the consumption of pork for some time now and I cannot actually remember the last time I had pork. I am big on vegetables and prefer beef or chicken when I eat meat or plenty of fish and seafood. Therefore this year I tried to have a lighter meal for the Christmas. Plus as we spent Christmas with my parents it was a great chance to share on one meal some of the tastier dishes prepared during the last year.

So the menu for 2010 Christmas chez Grozea was:

– Coquilles Saint-Jacques with garlic, parsley, parmigiano regiano, rasping with olive oil. Florin was kind enough to share this recipe with me and it was really tasty as this was the first time I made it.
before spending 20 min in the oven
final dish
rare tuna steak with mashed sweet peas and a mix of vegetables and sour cream.
tasty rare tuna steak
as the final dish a rare beef steak with asparagus was a great match for the 14 years old Bordeaux served. The melted butter used to roast the asparagus juiced the beef and made it so tasty.
nice pairing for the claret
I started to appreciate older wines for a few months now quite a lot, especially old Bordeaux. Therefore I tried to have  some older vintages for this special meal with the family. With one exception which was the sweet 2003 Vinsanto the other two wines were an 11 years old Vintage Champagne and a 14 years old claret.

Moet Chandon – Dom Perignon 1999

The wine was paired with the first two dishes. It went very well with the Saint Jacques and it went pretty well with the tuna dish. The sour cream used for the mixed vegetables paired well with the sparkling.
The wine has a light gold color. The wine has a big effervescence with very smooth bubbles. The nose is elegant with aromas of brioche, yeast, tar lemon, baked apple, with aeration aromas of almonds and hazelnut build more complexity. In the mouth the wine is classy, medium plus to full body, with a creamy mouth feel, plenty of texture on the mid palate and beautiful mineral flavors mixed with tar lemon, white pepper and white fruits. The finish is long and elegant with no sign of age. A beautiful and Excellent+ sparkling wine.
1996 Chateau Baron Pichon Longueville

The wine has a deep dark red color with red garnet color to the rim, there is really no sign of age for this wine. The nose is elegant and complex: aromas of blackcurrant, autumn leaves, forest floor, mushrooms, old leather, cedar, mint and with aeration aromas of green vegetables: green bell pepper and asparagus build more complexity on this beautifully evolved 14 years old wine. In the mouth this wine is like silk with flavors of red and black currant and discreet ripe cherry, mixed with cedar, sandalwood, green pepper, coffee bean, tobacco and leather. The wine is medium to medium plus body with great balance and very elegant. There are firm tannins present on the medium plus finish that show this wine has plenty of years left and a nice bitterness with a big mocha aftertaste. Excellent+ wine.
2003 Vinsanto – Santowines

Sweet wine style produced in Santorini, Greece, from sun-dried Assyrtiko and Aidani grapes. Requires long aging both in oak and bottle. 16% alcohol and the label says Vin de liqueur. As far as I know about this type of wine (I might be wrong as I did not manage to find too much on the subject and I am not close to my wine books), alcohol is added in the must to stop the fermentation process. Will do more research and update this post later on.
The wine has a deep amber color. The nose shows figs, dry apricots, honey, baked quince, caramel, a very sweet nose. In the mouth the wine is lusciously sweet, huge on figs and baked quince with a lifting acidity. The finish is very long and quite fresh for such a sweet wine. Excellent wine. This wine goes very well paired with dessert or a Cigar to end a big meal.
I hope that wherever you spent your Christmas you had a good time and you spent this holly day with close friends and family.
Thanks for reading!
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