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2009 Davino Revelatio and tuna steak

Yesterday I paid a visit to Metro Baneasa and their tuna file was very appealing so I bought some. Therefore last night I made a tasty tuna steak with sesame seeds in a sour cream, capers and thyme sauce. Since I did not have any more fresh vegetables in the fridge the side dish was prepared using a frozen mix of rice and vegetables. Not the same thing as fresh vegetables but it went well. The whole cooking process took about 15 minutes and the final dish was very good and appreciated by my better half.

nice color of the raw tuna

The tuna pieces with some sesame seeds on top of each side were roasted in a pan for about 2-3 minutes on each side. I usually like my steaks rare to medium rare so this 2-2.5 cm thick tuna was no exception. Two to three minutes for each side is enough to brown the sesame seeds and the tuna, leaving a pink-light red on the inside.

ready to step into the heated pan

The vegetables mix was done in 7-8 minutes and for the sauce I used a very fat sour cream( I think over 35% as it was bought directly from the farmers outside Bucharest) heated on a pan for about 2-3 minutes with capers, a little bit of olive oil and some green thyme to add depth to the sauce.

final dish

The wine pairing was a leftover from SUN, a Davino Revelatio 2009. I opened this wine for the SUN lunch, also fish based, but last evening the wine was a better company to the richer tuna. Kept in the fridge with a vacuum cork the wine maintained its aromas and flavors very well.

2009 Davino Revelatio

A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. I received this wine as a gift for my birthday so I do not know the price level. I am content that I had the chance last week to taste a similar blend Cuvee Amaury 2009 from Serve. Even if both wines come from the same Dealu Mare/Ceptura region and are using the exact same grape varieties in the blend, the wines cannot be more different. For the Cuvee Amaury tasting notes go here.

The Revelatio by Davino has a light medium gold color. The nose is fresh, with aromas of lemon, apple, passion fruit, grapefruit mixed with some cut hay and some mineral notes of wet rocks. In the mouth the wine feels off dry, medium to medium plus body, the 13.9% alcohol is nicely balanced. There are flavors of stone fruits, yellow flowers and rocks, with a pretty strong sensation of sweetness. The finish is medium and pleasant. 85 points

There are significant differences between the Amaury and the Revelatio. The medium plus body, more pronounced aromas on the nose, a better viscosity and a higher acidity make this Revelatio a more interesting wine. Revelatio did not see any oak. Some of the wine that went in the Amaury was aged for 6 months in oak.

I have to say that as much as it was not a perfect match for the dish (the tuna can easily be paired with a lighter red wine as well), the sweetness and the viscosity of the wine worked nicely with the sour cream based sauce. Next time I cook tuna I’ll try a red.

If any reader can recommend a better wine pairing either red, either white, that can be a better match for the tuna please leave a comment. Your comments are highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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