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The war of the whites

three dry Romanian whites and an off dry outsider

THU evening we had a lovely home made Greek food dinner prepared by our good Greek friend Christiana. Tasting that Feta and the other dishes prepared with products directly from Greece, brought back memories from our September vacation in Thassos: the shinning sun, the nice warm yellow sand and the clear blue sea. A good way to attack the Yellow code warning for heavy rain and snow issued by those guys from the Weather department for this coming weekend for Romania. Taste and olfactory memories are very powerful and usually underestimated. However man cannot leave only on bread and water, in this case on olfactory and taste memories.

This dinner was a great opportunity to share and do a comparative tasting with a small group of good friends(we were 7 overall and only 4 of us sampled wine) of some of the top white wines from three Romanian producers. Both the Solo Quinta 2009 and the Terra Romana Cuvee Amaury 2009 received directly from the producers for sampling. The remaining two Davino Domaine Ceptura Blanc 2009 and Simonsig Chenin Blanc 2010 were offered by the host so that the comparative tasting can be more extensive. We tasted all the wines from separate glasses during the whole meal and paired each of them with fish, salads, different types of cheese and meat dishes.

One common thing about all three Romanian wines sampled was the lack of concentration of the texture in the mouth. It is important to say that the South African Chenin Blanc from Simonsig was tasted the last and being off dry was a little bit out of place for this tasting. The residual sugar was unpleasant after the three dry Romanian whites. Here are my tasting notes for the wines.

2009 Terra Romana Cuvee Amaury

I do not know what is the selling price for this wine on the market. This was the only wine of the flight aged in oak for 6 months. It is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.

The wine has a pale lemon color. The nose shows pleasant hints of oak mixed with discrete yellow flowers, grapefruit, green apple and mineral aromas. In the mouth the wine is watery like, with a good acidity, pleasant freshness and balance but lacking concentration. There is a short to medium finish with mineral flavors. Good wine

2009 Davino Domaine Ceptura Blanc

Price: around 70 RON/16 eur

Also a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling with no oak.

The wine has a deeper yellow lemon color. The nose is fresh with floral aromas of acacia and elder with hints of minerals. In the mouth the wine starts with an immediate off dry sensation, a higher acidity than the Cuvee Amaury and freshness. Notes of yellow flowers, apples and pears make the taste of this medium body wine finishing dry with a fresh medium aftertaste . Good+

2009 Solo Quinta

Price: 60 RON at the producer/14 EUR

Solo Quinta is a blend of four white grapes with the juice from a red grape. For 2009 the red grape chosen was Merlot. The other four white grape varieties are Feteasca Regala, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Muscat. The wine has not seen any oak.

The wine has a clear green-yellow color. The muscat is very strong on the nose from the get go, with a distinct sweet flavor. Floral aromas of linden, acacia, elder and roses, flavors of  grapefruit and apricots come out of the glass. In the mouth the wine is medium body with a lifting acidity, with flavors of red currants, apricots, honey, vanilla and a fresh spiciness that come together to make a round and balanced wine. The wine has a fresh medium finish and felt more concentrated than the first two wines. Very good, potentially Very Good+ wine.

2010 Simonsig Chenin Blanc

Price: 30 RON/7 EUR at the importer Cramele Halewood

As much as I usually like this wine, this evening it felt out of place. Too sweet after the three whites that qualify as dry wines.

With the deepest yellow color of the four wines tasted, the wine has a fresh nose with plenty of spicy aromas, grapefruit, lemon and orange zest. In the mouth the wine is off dry(I didn’t like the sweetness tonight) with balance, good acidity, a medium body and good concentration holding the 14.5% alcohol in great form. A medium finish for the wine with the highest alcohol level for the night. Tonight Good+ wine.

This is my classification for tonight’s dry wines: 1) 2009 Solo Quinta; 2) 2009 Davino Ceptura Blanc; 3) 2009 Cuvee Amaury.

After a gargantuan meal a nice cake seemed like a great ending.

sweets from Chocolat

As much as all these wines are interesting on their own, it is a comparative tasting that gives one the chance to compare and choose the wines one prefers.

Thanks for reading!

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