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Goodwine fair

ingenious exhibition booth made by Recas wineries

During the last weekend of November, Goodwine organized the autumn wine fair where most of the Romanian wineries, but not only, attended. The wine fair started on FRI at noon and closed its doors on SUN afternoon, giving the chance to any visitor to taste most of the wines available on the Romanian market.

I attended the expo on FRI and SAT.It was a great opportunity for me to meet many wine producers, winemakers and virtual friends(Facebook) sharing the same passion for wine. I have to give special consideration for the time they shared with me to Gabi Lacureanu from Crama Basilescu, Ciprian Rosca from Recas wineries, the crew from Serve and Winero, and last but not least to Andrei Iva, the organizer of this expo, for the invitation he sent me.

On SAT I attended a seminar organized by Recas and Masi about the Appassimento method (branded Appaxximento to certify Masi’s expertise in the appassimento method in the XXI century). Quoting from the Masi’s presentation book:

“Appassimento is the traditional method used in the Venetian regions to give wines greater concentrations of aromas and flavours. The grapes are laid out to rest for a long time on bamboo racks before vinification”

grape varieties used for making Amarone

Drying of the grapes can take up to 2-3 months and the grape varieties used are Corvina for fruit, Rondinella for structure and Molinara for freshness. The grapes can lose 30-40% of the weight, concentrating the color, the sugars, the aromas and the tannins. Noble rot affects particular grapes producing glycerin and therefore smoothness. The wines are aged for 12 up to 36 months in oak barrels. Masi acquired vineyards in Argentina experimenting the appassimento method with Malbec.

Masi’s for tasting

After the presentation and a short session of questions we had the chance to taste three of their wines: Masi Campofiorin 2007, Costasera Amarone Classico 2006 and Campolongo di Torbe 2003(aged in oak for 36 months). The first two wines didn’t strike me as something special.

lineup of 2003’s Campolongo di Torbe

The 2003 Campolongo di Torbe has an elegant nose with aromas of mushrooms (predominantly), chocolate, a mix of fresh ripe dark fruits, tobacco and cocoa. In the mouth the wine is full body with silky and round tannins, nice acidity, great balance of the 16% alcohol, with sweet dried plums and blackberries and a nice medium plus finish with spicy chocolate in the aftertaste. Excellent wine but pricey – the wine sells for about 100 EUR.

During the rest of the wine fair I had the chance to taste most the wines available at each booth. The wines I found most interesting were:

– Cuvee Charlotte 2007 from Serve

– the white Solo Quinta 2010 (this year they used Feteasca Neagra as the red grape variety added to the other white grapes)

– a 2009 Pinot Noir Budureasca that sells for under 5 EUR

– Gabi Lacureanu from Crama Basilescu is a very young(28 years old) passionate and ambitious winemaker and invited me to taste together his wines. I found very interesting a new Feteasca Neagra based blend that is planned to be launched next year in spring.

– a 100% Petit Verdot Cuvee and a Carmenere grown in a colder climate from Wines of Chile booth

– a Spanish blend of Bobal(a local grape variety from Valencia) and Syrah from Vicente Gandia

– the wines from Winero that I already tasted last week with Dr Hauptamann

The wine fair is a great initiative for the producers to meet their clients directly and present their wines. The good news is that the next fair from March-April 2011 will be hosted at a different bigger location in order for more producers or distributors to attend. It would be a pity to miss such an event especially when the 2.3 EUR/10 RON entrance can save you plenty of money by knowing exactly what you can buy in the future.

More pictures from the fair are available on the blog page on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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