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Reviewing the last weekend

Last weekend was really not worthy writing about wines, but it was entertaining to spend time with friends. The two wines I had did not leave me a good impression at all. On FRI evening we went out with friends to visit a new place in Bucharest: Madame Pogany. This is a new bar serving also some food. The place looks very nice with a long bar, a good place to hang out and have a beer. They did open about 2 weeks ago and they have plenty to work on: there were no menus for food, not all the wines on the menu were available, as they did not get them yet, and it was hard to follow the staff verbally presenting the food options. Finally we ordered everything they had available that day: all their tapas dishes, a salad and some type of fish soup. Modest food for the moment and it would be a pity for this nice place not to improve the menu options and the quality of the food. The location of this place is in Dorobanti area so the prices are accordingly.

tapas at Madame Pogany

We ordered a white wine from Davino they had on the menu, Davino’s entry level: Faurar alb de Ceptura 2009. The wine has a yellow lemon color. The nose shows some apple and lemon. In the mouth the wine feels off dry, round with a strong alcohol feel. Unfortunately the 13.9% alc is not balanced at all by fruit. A short aftertaste makes this wine a NO GO. I’ll avoid it in the future.

After the unsatisfying experience from Madame Pogany we decided to have at least a decent dessert, so we paid a new visit to Osteria Gioia by Patrizia. The good quality of the food, at similar prices, had us regret we did not come here from the start. A fresh pasta dish with cheese and an extremely tasty panna cotta made us forget the past experience.

best panna cotta in town

Our girls got their smiles back while showing their new bling-bling, part of a new promotional gift from Lenor.

Subtile and Magnifique

The next wine I had this weekend was a Chardonnay Sole 2009 received from Recas to taste at home. This wine is part of the pack I got together with the Cuvee Uberland 2009. I did open this wine on SUN for lunch.

Recas Chardonnay Sole 2009

The wine has a pale yellow lemon color. The nose is dominated by vanilla flavors not leaving too much space for other components. In the mouth the wine is lacking concentration, showing more vanilla, discreet butter and some yellow flowers aromas. The short to medium aftertaste is really not making this wine one of my favorites. I find this 2009 Chardonnay Sole a little overpriced for what it offers. Good-

As a conclusion we did spend an entertaining evening with friends on FRI, but the weekend overall is lacking any highlights in terms of wines. Perhaps next weekend I plan and choose better.

Update: I am tasting the wine 2 days after opening it and most of the vanilla faded away leaving a more pleasant wine. On the nose it shows a new herbaceous flavor which I like. In the mouth the wine retains perfectly the 14% alcohol leaving a sweet sensation in the medium aftertaste. I have to upgrade my rating of this wine from Good- to Good+ but the wine remains heavy to handle without food and more than a glass can make you dizzy. At least that’s how I felt. I kept the wine sealed with a vacuum cork in the fridge for these last 2 days.

Thanks for reading!

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