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Chateau de Cazeneuve – Le sang du calvaire 2005

Beautiful Pic Saint Loup wine

This post is related to this one as I am about to tell you what happened to the lamb chops I left to marinate for almost 4 days. I followed Florin‘s advice and left the lamb chops fully immersed in chopped onions so that most of the blood went into the onions leaving the lamb chops tender and ready for cooking. Florin also recommended me to make a sauce Provencal next to this lamb chops and it was indeed a very good idea. Here is what I did.

I started by preparing all the ingredients. When the lamb chops are on the frying pan the whole process takes about 15-18 minutes at most. For the Provencal sauce I cut the onions in small pieces, the parsley and prepared a little bit of thyme to go in as well.

tomatoes, parsley and thyme

I also cut black olives and capers in small pieces.

capers and black olives

The bad part is that you really have to clean the lamb chops from pretty much all the fat they have and trust me: they have fat in all hidden places. But once that is gone, things are going into the right direction very quickly. The lamb chops were cooked for about 5 minutes on a high fire, then lowered the fire and left it covered for another 5 minutes. I prefer my lamb chops cooked medium rare so if you don’t like any blood in yours you should leave it more.

4 days marinated lamb chops

I added on the same pan the other ingredients: tomatoes, capers, black olives, parsley, thyme, salt and freshly crushed pepper. Unfortunately I did not have fresh basil to add but that didn’t spoil the final result.

all in

I left it covered for another 5-6 minutes so that the small onions remain firm but get to blend in all the other flavors.

I prepared some fresh spinach, as a side dish, in a little bit of butter, added salt and freshly crushed pepper, left it for 2-3 minutes to soften, then added a little bit of sour cream and left it another 3-4 minutes so the water can evaporate. Cooking spinach like this will retain most of its vitamins.

fresh spinach in melted butter and sour cream

The whole cooking process took me about 35 minutes including cutting the ingredients and cleaning the fatty from the lamb chops. The final result was a really tasty dish with medium rare tender and juicy lamb chops, sauce Provencal and fresh spinach.

red meets green

The dish was paired with a wine I recently received as a gift.

Chateau de Cazeneuve – Le sang du calvaire 2005

Price: 35 EUR

Blend of 95% Mourvedre and 5% Syrah aged for 24 months in French oak. I am a big fan of this producer and this region from the Languedoc. With the new classification system, Pic Saint Loup becomes a Grand Cru du Languedoc.

The wine has a dark red garnet color. The nose shows strong aromas of black olive and mint, accompanied by cocoa, mocha, black pepper and a discreet mix of sweet red and small black fruits. In the mouth the wine surprises on the initial attack by how balanced it is, with firm tannins, a nice mid palate feel with a mix of discreet ripe red fruits, strong aromas of black pepper, cocoa and dark chocolate. The wine has a medium plus aftertaste leaving a bitter sweet finish with sweet fruit and black olive. A very approachable Mourvedre already and an Excellent wine.

I have to confess liking this wine more on its own than paired with food and this is a rare event. Usually the opposite happens. When served on its own the wine shows tremendous balance and surprises by how light it feels in the mouth. Please do not mistake the word light by thin in this case. I mean light as in how drinkable the wine is. Paired with food, the wine gains in depths and in body becoming heavier on the palate and showing more fruit then spices. I blame it on the heavy spiced Provencal sauce.

Thanks for reading!

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