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The birth of a new winery

(pictured from left to right: the winemaker Marc Dworkin, the PR Veronica Guzun and the Administrator of Winero-the producer of Alira, Ghenadie Bobeica)

Last FRI, September the 24th 2010, a new winery was officially launched in Romania. This is the new project established here by Winero, having the same owners as the Bulgarian Enira. The new project is located in Aliman, some 90 km away from Constanta.

They started to plant predominantly Merlot,with parts of Cabernet Sauvignon and 10 ha of Feteasca Neagra in 2008 and now they have about 80 ha of vines and a project to build the actual winery pretty soon. Overall an investment of 5 Millions EUR of which 2 Millions EUR are non-refundable EU funds. This is a welcoming investment in an extremely poor area where there was not much paid work available for the local peasants.

FRI they have launched their first wine: the Alira Merlot 2009. Marc Dworkin,the winemaker, clearly mentioned that this first wine is a table wine intended for regular consumption. There is no point in claiming otherwise and we shouldn’t compare this new wine to Enira Reserva or to any other of their premium wines. The wine has just been bottled about 8-9 days ago and, in my opinion, it should be given some time to rest in the bottle prior to be released or drunk. There are about 50,000 bottles of Alira Merlot 2009 produced.

There are however great expectations from their future releases. During the last meeting I had with Marc(see it here), he was very confident on the potential of the Romanian grape Feteasca Neagra(FN). So we should be looking forward to their future wine releases and hope he will keep his promises to show FN’s true potential.Unfortunately the 2010 vintage doesn’t help him too much as March proved to be a very difficult month with freezing temperatures therefore most of the crops were completely damaged. Marc mentioned that from the 10 ha of Feteasca Neagra they have, they would probably harvest only 2 tonnes of grapes overall this year. It is really sad to walk into the vineyards and see so many FN vines with no fruit at all.

In fact, 2010 is a very difficult vintage for most of the wine producers in Romania. Other people in the wine business, from Dealu Mare region, are blaming the bad weather for damaging the vines in the lower fields.The only ones still all right are the hill top ones where the wind was able to blow more. Up to this moment the red grapes have a high acidity but not enough sugar levels and the weather prospect is not very encouraging.

Coming back to the launching party, the organizers did a very good job and about 200 guests spent a lovely time celebrating the newly released wine and also the inception of the 2010 harvest season with many Enira wines, great food and Romanian traditional music.

Here are pictures with some of the food we could enjoy at the party: a whole lamb cooked in local earth-made ovens

paired with freshly baked bread.

I wish the new winery a long life with many outstanding wines ahead.

Thanks for reading!

  1. Dan
    September 28, 2010 at 10:43

    I said, birth, not born. really.

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