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2008 Chateau Puech-Haut Tete de Belier Blanc

Some of the last weekends with good and warm weather of this summer are good opportunities to drink white wine. Pretty soon the cold weather will settle in and will slowly make the shift towards drinking more red wine. Me, I just take any opportunity I have and enjoy more white wines for the moment.

On my last trip to Paris I paid a visit to one of the most impressive wine stores I have seen so far: la Bibliothèque des Vins des Galeries Lafayette. They have an impressive collection of wines from Bordeaux and the rest of France. This is really a must visit place for any wine geek when traveling to Paris. One of my purchases was a 2008 Chateau Puech-Haut Tete de Belier Blanc for 25 EUR. I have already mentioned the memorable experience I had when drinking  Chateau Puech Haut-Tete de Belier Blanc 2006.

As I had some Black Tuna that had to be cooked, I naturally needed a good wine pairing for the dish. A big dish requires a big wine, so I ended up opening the wine from Paris.

A little bit about the food. It is the first time I’m cooking Tuna so after a little research on the Internet I found an interesting recipe of Pepper-steak Tuna with Provencal sauce. For the Tuna steak I mixed red and green peppercorns with coriander in a jar.

I put the mix on the cut Tuna steaks

and grilled it until done but still juicy on the inside, about 7-8 minutes. The sauce was a mix of shallots and garlic fried for 2 minutes in olive oil, then added capers, olives, tomatoes sauce, a fresh cut tomato as well, thyme and everything boiled for 10 minutes.

The final dish looks like this:

The Tuna has a very thick structure so the pairing wine needs to be a medium body red or a full body white wine. I am pretty sure this dish can go very well with a red wine also, but I opted for the big and generous Tete de Belier Blanc from Chateau Puech-Haut.

2008 Chateau Puech-Haut Tete de Belier Blanc

The wine is a blend of 70% Roussane, 20% Marssane and 10% Grenache Blanc matured in large French oak barrels for about 8 months. Alcohol level is 14%.

The wine has a clear green-gold color. The nose is very complex with floral flavors of acacia and linden, spicy with white pepper, has hints of honey,vanilla and stone fruits. In the mouth the wine is unctuous with an initial off dry sensation(sweetness), full body, round, with a marvelous balance, gives a good mouth feel, showing a nice freshness, with aromas of honey, spices, ripe apples and pears, yellow flowers, white chocolate and a hint of minerality. The wine finishes dry with notes of fresh vanilla, acacia, honey and Asian spices in a long aftertaste. Superb wine and beautiful pairing with the peppery Tuna steak. Excellent+ wine and always a buy.

Mr Gerard Bru, the owner of this Chateau, is doing an amazing job keeping the wines consistently good. Michel Rolland is a consultant at the property. Really good made wine.

This weekend I also had another bottle of Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva 2005,a wine that the more I taste it the more I love it. And for the 15-20 EUR price I find it very hard to beat.

Thanks for reading!

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