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Simonsig Sunbird Sauvignon Blanc 2008

The wine has a pale clear yellow lemon color. This wine has a very green nose,spicy and herbal, dominated by cut hay and green bell pepper. In the mouth the wine is light to medium body, crispy with nice acidity and the similar herbal and spicy flavors as the nose: cut hay, green bell pepper, ginger, green apple and lemon finishing in a pleasant short to medium aftertaste. A nice wine that either you love it either you hate it. I find the wine very pleasant and I like it but this wine will not appeal to the majority of wine drinkers. Good

Price: 5-6 EUR

I prefer more the Simonsig Chenin Blanc as I find it better concentrated, with nice aromatics and pleasant medium aftertaste.

I had this wine paired with a tasty dish of fresh boiled crabs with a sauce made of mayo, garlic, parsley and lemon juice. Tasty food and good wine pairing overall.

Update: tasted the wine the second day. The herbal character faded away and what remained is an extremely spicy wine, with a pleasant greenness on the nose and mouth. It feels like biting a fresh green bell pepper together with a strong flavor of ginger that remains long in the aftertaste. This is really a wine that you either love either you just hate. I had the wine paired with a spicy dish of pasta with minced beef and a tomatoes based sauce. The wine really did well in this company. I am upgrading my rating from Good to Very Good.

The spiciness of this wine reminded me of a red wine I had a while ago – Domaine de Ravanes – Le Prim Verd 2002, produced in Languedoc. Le Prim Verd is a 100% Petit Verdot, a grape usually used in small percentages in Bordeaux blends, as its spiciness brings more complexity. This sensation of biting a fresh green bell pepper and ginger is similar to this South African Sauvignon Blanc. Very interesting to try both wines. Domaine de Ravanes – le Prim Verd 2002 sells for 30-35 EUR so a more expensive red wine compared to the 5-6 EUR Simonsig Sunbird SB.

Thanks for reading!

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