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Diary of a wine collector

I mentioned in a previous post how I became passionate about wine. Even prior to that I had some minor attempts to collect wine, usually buying bottles randomly based on no criteria. Just for the sake of collecting some wine. Recently I finished renovating my cellar and had the chance to clean the dust from all the bottles I collected so far. Boy did I buy a lot of crap in the beginning. Most likely, as my palate and my knowledge about wine evolve, I am sure I will have more epiphanies like this and wonder myself how I could buy this and that.

I have many bottles that , based on my actual palate, I wouldn’t buy again and they are a very good proof of how one’s palate constantly evolves and never stays the same. It is a continuous trip to experience new wines and continue to educate your palate and don’t just stop to a few wines you like and keep a closed mind. Especially if one has the means to continuously explore new regions, newer or older vintages, new grape varieties. And thank God there is enough wine out there to keep us busy for a very long time.

The conclusion of this introspection is as follows: if you are in a journey to discover wine and you still want to collect bottles try to focus on the ones that you absolutely love at that moment or simply buy what is called Investment Grade Wine(IGW). IGW is that wine that you know will always have a market and be in demand as its value is recognized and accepted by everybody. The best example that comes to mind now is Bordeaux. But not all Bordeaux just the ones that have a well established reputation and people will always seek. This is just an example. There are many other more affordable options waiting to be explored. This is the humble advice of someone who spent already a considerable amount of money for his passion over the years.

As I arranged the bottles in the cellars I decided to open a bottle of Bordeaux that I remember buying from a Careffour store in Brussels about 3-4 years ago for probably around 5-6 EUR.

Chateau Barat 2004 Bordeaux

The wine has a purple red color. The nose was oxidized and with virtual no aromas. In the mouth this wine is seriously disjointed, thin and with not much of a taste at all. There is no aftertaste as the wine is really unpleasant. There is a lot of good even exceptional wine produced in Bordeaux, but there is even more crap wine made in the same region as well. I wish nobody to throw their hard earned money on such a low quality wine. This is a major PASS and be aware that when you spend 3-6 EUR on a wine do not expect the Enlightening.

I did not even bother to take a picture of the bottle but you can find one here.

It is better sometimes to spend a little bit more on a bottle of wine, but at least you have better chances (prior research is important) to like the wine you get.

Thanks for reading!

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