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2007 Clos des Fees Grenache Blanc Vielles Vignes

Herve Bizeul, the owner of Clos des Fees, achieved great things in Languedoc-Roussillon. If I am not mistaking, he’s making one of the most expensive(an impressive wine nevertheless) cuvee of this region: La petite siberie – a 200 EUR wine made from a tiny 1.6 ha plot of very old Grenache Noir vines. He probably did shock a few people releasing this wine at this price level when most of the wine produced in Roussillon is usually selling very cheap. I previously tasted the 2004 Clos des Fees Vielles Vignes Grenache Noir(25 EUR) and at 15% alc level the wine had a beautiful equilibrium and concentration.

As I was in a desperate need for a white wine to go with this SUN lunch, my quest in the cellar brought up this amazing wine from an acclaimed 2007 vintage. At 14.4% alc I expected a heavy wine and was a little bit afraid of spoiling the lunch, but I was in for a big surprise.

2007 Clos des Fees Grenache Blanc Vielles Vignes

Price: 25 EUR

The wine has a pale lemon yellow color. The nose is tight, floral with discreet notes of linden, acacia, muscat and lemon in the background. In the mouth this wine is explosive: an immediate sensation of sweetness, a high and beautiful acidity, a full body wine that has amazing layers of apricot, peach, honey, grapefruit, cut hay and a beautiful freshness. It is a big and round wine but there is absolutely no sensation of heat from the 14.4% alc, no heaviness or flabbiness. This wine has a perfect balance. The wine has a medium plus aftertaste finishing dry with a very pleasant freshness and silkiness on the back end. Make no mistake, even there is no heat sensation in the mouth, the high alcohol level will make you dizzy if you have too much. What an unexpected and illuminating experience for a quiet SUN lunch. I was really blown away by this wine therefore I find it Very Good+ to Excellent. This is a must drink over and over again.

If you are lucky enough to find this hedonistic wine, for the price it sells, there is no excuse not to get it and enjoy the great pleasure it offers.

Update the second day: the wine grew more on the nose with stronger flavors of linden, honey and brought a new aroma of walnut to the table. Less acidity but the wine remained a beauty.

Thanks for reading!

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