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1998 Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande

I have neglected the blog for some weeks due to some home improvements and to my surprise I received messages from a few readers inquiring about my rarer postings. It is nice to find out that people do follow my posts so now things should come to normal with a certain continuity in my posting. Therefore this weekend I wanted to pamper myself with some decent wines and decided to start with this blue-chip claret.

The 1998 Chateau Longueville Comtesse de Lalande has a clear ruby red color. The nose is spicy and vegetal: green pepper, cedarwood and smoke are the  dominant flavors, completed by prune, redcurrant and liquorice in the background. The nose is interesting and reminds of winter and burned wood. In the mouth the wine is medium body, with silky but still firm tannins, nice acidity with green pepper, earth, coffee, redcurrant, prune and mint. It has a nice spicyness and a very pleasant equilibrium. The aftertaste is medium plus finishing with coffee with a light and pleasant biterness.This wine is very drinkable at this stage and offers great pleasure.  I was not blown away by this particular bottle and, considering the 85 EUR price I paid for it, I had higher expectations. However I still find the wine Very good+ to Excellent.

As much as I try to judge wines, at the end of the day, I am a consumer myself, paying for the wines I drink. So the final test a wine has to pass is: Will I buy it again ? In this case: most likely not. For this price I can find far better wines, some even cheaper offering the same or even greater pleasure for my palate. It is after all a matter of one’s palate.

Thanks for reading!

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