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BBQ and a few wines with friends

Adi Hadean cooked in Bucharest last SUN his famous BBQ’s. The event was hosted by Verde cafe, a very friendly and homey place on str Domnita Ruxandra and was an “all you can eat” event. I became a fan of Adi’s food instantly as all I ate was extremely tasty: both the meat and the vegetables. Everything was paired with some lovely wines we managed to bring with us from home. It was a good thing we brought our own stuff as, unfortunately, for the moment Verde Cafe has only 3 wines listed on their menu. And those are not inspired choices. So the wines we had:

Monty’s Hill Chardonnay 2008 – This wine was one of the 3 choices from their menu. I will not comment the wine as I could not drink more than a sip. Better don’t order it.

Maurel 2008

In my opinion was the wine of the meal. A white clear almost oily deep gold color wine. The nose is not a bomb but you can still feel white flowers, tropical fruits and a little bit of oak, everything nicely balanced. In the mouth the wine is concentrated, round, lovely mouth-feel, with almost a creamy structure on the palate, nice acidity balancing dried stone fruits and a nice honey flavor(which I like a lot in a white wine) with a medium plus  aftertaste. Lovely wine. Very good+

Le cabernet sauvignon by Comtesse du Barry

This is an everyday red wine that is selling for 30 RON at Le Manoir. The wine has a clear red color. The nose shows red fruits. In the mouth the wine is light to medium body with red and a few dark fruits with a short plus aftertaste. Not very complex, more like a uni-dimensional wine. Good

Dourthe No 1 2007

This is a bigger wine with a deep dark red color. The nose is more complex with some nice greenness, asparagus, green bell pepper and ripe red fruits. In the mouth the wine is round, medium body with a nice structure, ripe red fruits and hints of vanilla, finishing with a medium aftertaste. The wine is a successful example of a nice Bordeaux at an affordable price. 55 RON at Le Manoir.Good+ to Very good

Ceptura Clasic – Rose de Ceptura 2009

This was preferred by most of the girls at the table. I am not a fan of Rose’s but the wine has nice aromatics of red fruits and floral flavors. What troubles me is the high alcohol level for a wine that is supposed to be consumed on a hot summer day: 14.4% alc. So based on the reaction of friends from the table this will become a blockbuster rose this summer.

If you hear about a cooking event with Adi, don’t think twice before booking a seat as you will not be disappointed by the food and you’ll probably end up like me: wanting to taste again and again his food.

Thanks for reading…

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  1. May 27, 2010 at 13:20

    Thks! 🙂

  2. May 27, 2010 at 14:41

    You are very welcome and it was a pleasure to meet you. Looking forward to eat together again 🙂

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