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Two Romanian Cab’s: Hyperion 2006 and Crama Oprisor 2008

The weekend started already on a good note after the Tignanello ’05 on FRI evening so SAT it continued with a nice BBQ in the courtyard with our close friends Crina and Catalin. We cooked a very interesting Greek improved Romanian dish that I highly recommend you to try it yourself. We learnt this recipe from some good friends,  a Greek-Romanian couple. Get any kind of “mici” meat, shape them, squizz the juice of a few lemons just to have all of them covered by lemon juice, add some oregano spice in the juice as well and for a greater flavor squizz 1 or 2 more limes. Keep this mix of meat and lemon juice in the fridge for 1h30 to 2 h and then BBQ. Add some tzatziki salad when you serve the “mici” on top of it. You’ll love it.

We had three wines with the meal: a 2008 Alsace Pinot Noir Gustave Lorentz Reserve, a 2006 Hyperion Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2008 Crama Oprisor Cabernet Sauvignon.

2008 Gustave Lorentz Pinot Noir Reserve: color is very light red, the nose was very mute just a little hint of red cherries. Taste was very unbalanced: on one side you could feel some light red cherries, on the other side the heat of the alcohol. The wine finished quickly with no aftertaste. This was a very poor bottle of Pinot. Avoid.

2006 Hyperion Cabernet Sauvignon: color is dark red with purple hues. Nose: very similar to a good Chilian Cabernet(it reminded me of Errazuriz), strong cassis flavors from the get go, a hint of oak, dry plums and spices. Taste: again strong cassis flavors balanced nicely by the American oak (the wine spent 7 months in American oak),nice acidity, spices and mint. This medium body wine finishes with dark chocolate notes in a medium aftertaste.

2008 Crama Oprisor Cabernet Sauvignon: Color almost the same as Hyperion, dark red with purple hues. Nose: strong vanilla flavor is dominanting the nose, some dark fruits but very much in the back at this stage; it feels like someone stuffed a vanilla cake in your glass. If you like that, you’ll love this wine.  In the mouth the wine continues with more sweet vanilla flavors, spices, some red and black fruits. The aftertaste is similar in lenghts to ’06 Hyperion. Perhaps it is too early to open this bottle but at this stage I am not a fan of this wine. I am however curious to see how well the vanilla flavors will integrate with the fruit 6-12 months down the row.

For me the Wine of the meal was the 2006 Hyperion Cabernet Sauvignon that I believe is already drinking well right now with nice fruit and enough complexity. Considering that both wines have similar prices: in the range of 50-60 RON, I would go with the ’06 Hyperion if I had to choose between them.

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  1. Mihnea
    May 15, 2010 at 15:24

    Just a word of advice: try to avoid complex wines in open air – you’ll only catch a glimpse of their complexity and beauty (if any at all) and you will judge them unfairly. BBQ wines are wines with lots of fruit and power in order to stand the open air and the (caramelized) meat.

    However, having just tried the Oprisor 2008 myself, I am a bit reluctant to admit any vanilla in my wine. I’ve found more blackberries, blueberries, a hint of leather and also hints of red fruits, but no vanilla. Waiter, a vanilla cacke for my wine, pronto!

    • May 20, 2010 at 17:13

      Thanks a lot Mihnea for the comment. I think is very important for you to do a comparative tasting. Usually that is a lot more different and reveals the advantages and disadvantages in wines.

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